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Satellite Images
Courtesy of Himawari Satellite

Last 24 hours

max temperature
Max. Temperature 36.3°C
min temperature
Min. Temperature 14.3°C
Nuwara Eliya
max rain
Max. Rainfall 210.2mm
Wevalthalawa (Kandy)

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Fleet Forecast for Area - E

Issued by the National Meteorological Center, Department of Meteorology Sri Lanka.
Valid period: 2021.09.25/0600UTC to 2021.09.25/1400UTC
Issued at 0000UTC on 2021.09.25
To: CBO Radio/Fisheries/SL Navy/CBO Port/Coast Guard

Synoptic situation:-

Shear line is approximately along: 01S 60E, 02S 70E, 05S 80E, 01S 90E, 00N 100E

North of Shear line:
West of 65E : SW'ly to W'ly /(10-15) kts;gusting up to 20-25 kts in section 00.
In between 65E and 80E : NW'ly to W'ly/(10-20) kts;gusting up to 20-25 kts in section 25.
East of 80E : W'ly to SW'ly /(15-20) kts; gusting up to 25-30 kts in sections 10, 15, 30 and 35.

South of Shear line:
North of 10S : SE'ly /(10-20) kts.
South of 10S : SE'ly to E'ly/(15-20) kts; gusting upto 25-30 kts.

OCNL Showers / T’Showers in sections : 00,05,15,35,50,55 and 75
SCT Showers / T’Showers in sections : 10,20,25 and 30
IOSL Showers / T’Showers in sections : 40,45,65 and 80
Mainly fair elsewhere.

Rough, Very rough at times in section : 80
Fairly rough to rough in sections : 85
Fairly rough, rough at times in sections : 10,15 and 30
Fairly rough in sections : 00, 05 and 75
Moderate to fairly rough in sections : 25,35,50 and 65.
Moderate in sections : 20 and 70
Slight to Moderate elsewhere.

**Seas can be temporarily very rough at times, during thundershowers.


The next Fleet Forecast will be issued at 1200 UTC, 2021.09.25